Wallpaper glue, preferably water based and transparent


Rollers and trays


Sponge or soft cloth, to remove glue excess


Craft knife to cut excess edges




STEP 1: Check your Wall

Before you begin, make sure your wall is clean, dry, smooth and sound. You should remove any flaking paint or old wallpaper and any uneven surfaces must be filled.
If your wall is already painted with a bright color, you should apply a white primer first to avoid the color showing through between the seams.
Also, open your Wall in Vogue box and make sure you have all the panels and they are not defective or damaged.


STEP 2: Apply Glue to the Wall

Put your glue on a tray or leave it in its tin and dip your roller in it. Then apply the glue directly onto the wall, making sure to cover the whole surface. Be careful to not miss any areas as this will cause air bubbles to appear in you mural.
We recommend that you apply the glue to an area whose size is equal to 1 panel and a half, so it will make it easier for you to install the second panel and make the seam invisible.


STEP 3: Installation of the First Panel

You should start the installation beginning from the left to the right. The panels are numbered in order to be installed from left to right. After placing your first panel and making sure it is completely straight, you just have to follow the same instructions placing each panel next to the previous.


STEP 4: Mural Installation and Finishes

After installing the first panel, you will have to place the following panel, according to the pattern match, side by side without any overlapping.
If any excess glue comes out of the seam, use a wet sponge or soft cloth to remove it straight away. Start installing your panels by beginning from the ceiling and moving down towards the floor, using a brush or spatula to paste the panel to the wall.
Once your wall mural has been entirely hung, take the craft knife and cut off any extra edges at the top and the bottom of your panels. Always make sure your blade is sharp to avoid ripping the paper. Let the mural dry for 24 hours.